Whiskey Chili Grilling Sauce

Whiskey Chili Grilling Sauce
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Our Whiskey Chili Grilling Sauce was first created for Ribs, but it works very well on a variety of foods, such as pork, beef, chicken, salmon, rice, veggies, yes, we said veggies, and don’t forget the baked beans and or chili.  Whiskey Chili Grilling Sauce also makes a great dipping sauce and or marinade. You will love the spicy taste with a sweet smooth finish and so will all your family and guests!

Use as a Dipping Sauce
French Fries-Crab-Tator Tots-Onion Rings-Chicken Strips-Veggies Stix-Cold Shrimp-Oysters
Spring Rolls-Chicken Livers
Use as a Topping
Meat Loaf-Hashbrowns-Scrambled Eggs-Hot Dogs "Hoser Dogs"- Omelets-Baked Potatoes
Salmon-Rice-Kielbasa-Hamburgers " Hoser Hamburgers"
Use as a Marinade ( Before Cooking )
Pork-Beef-Chicken-Lamb-Wild Game
Use as a Grilling Sauce ( While Cooking )
Chicken-Beef-Veggies-Salmon-Pork-Lamb-Shrimp-Wild Game

14.4oz Bottles: $13.00 each, 2-3 Bottles $12.50 each, 4+ Bottles $11.25 each

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User Reviews For Whiskey Chili Grilling Sauce


Average Score: 5.0 / 5

Spicy without being hot

"This is an excellent sauce. I'm normally I only want apple cider vinegar on my smoked pork, but Whiskey Chili Grilling Sauce is a great alternative. Right amount of heat and sweetness. Try it, I think you will really like it."

Robbdog - Taylors, SC



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