Traditional Dark Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Traditional Dark Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar
( Avg. Score 5.0 / 5 )  # Of Reviews: 13

Traditional Dark Balsamic Vinegar from Modena Italy

The father to our White Balsamic Vinegar, this is as dark, thick and rich as it gets. As an A grade vinegar, this is the highest grade vinegar that is allowed to be imported by volume into the United States. No \"lengthening\" here, this is straight out of the barrel with no gimmicks like added sugars and starches like most other brands! This elixir is best enjoyed over ice-cream, a bowl of fresh strawberries or aged cheeses~ for just a few ideas! This is truly a culinary delight and every cook deserves a quality balsamic like this!

Our supplier began their artisan vinegar company in 1889. Located in the Modena area of Italy, surrounded by rural farmlands and a passion for the Earth’s bounty, the company continues under the watchful eye of the third generation. Prepared using ancient traditional procedures, the process begins with careful selection of the Trebbiano grapes. They are ideal for the high sugar content required for production. These grapes are pressed and the resulting juice called “must” is heated in copper cauldrons until the volume is reduced through evaporation to about 40% of the original weight. The liquid is then decanted into wooden barrels (chestnut, oak, juniper and cherry) and left to age and transform into vinegar. As time goes by, part of the liquid evaporates and part of the liquid is absorbed into the wood. The liquid is transferred into smaller barrels while the new “must” is added to “top off” the bigger barrel. And so continues the process.

This a true artisan quality product from centuries old recipes using no added sugars or starches. The vinegar is aged in small barrels under the traditional methods with strict controls. It reaches a perfect balance of aroma and flavor when fully mature. Dark as night with a heavenly thick consistency and a sweet, pungent taste that delights all the senses. 

6oz Bottles: $15.00 each, 4+ Bottles $14.25 each 
12oz Bottles: $23.00 each, 4+ Bottles $22.25 each

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User Reviews For Traditional Dark Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar


Average Score: 5.0 / 5

Traditional Balsamic Love

"I purchased a 12 bottle at a show held at the Spokane, WA, fairgrounds. I love balsamic and this one is hardy and smooth at the same time. My daughter-in-law has medical issues and I’m always looking for ways to season a dish without hitting things on her NO-NO List. One dish I make is I cut boneless-skinless chicken breasts into cubes, toss into a large casserole baking pan, toss in some Walla-Walla onions 🧅 and pour 1/4 - 1/2 cup on top and bake. The flavor this gives the chicken and onions is divine! "

DeeDee H. - Spokane, WA


Exceptional product at a shockingly-reasonable price. The real deal!

"I'm a balsamic addict. I've always loved the stuff, and my first experience with truly high-quality balsamic (at a fancy restaurant) was life changing. Since then, I've been on a quest to find flavorful, fruity, viscous balsamic that doesn't break the bank. I sampled Celia's BA balsamic at the Tillamook farmer's market a few years back and immediately bought a few bottles. Haven't bought anything else since -- there's nothing remotely close to this level of quality at this price point. Drizzle on grilled sandwiches, veggies, fresh mozz, baguette slices, or even just enjoy a spoonful by itself. I could not recommend Celia's BA balsamic more highly!"

Thomas - Seattle, WA


A great Balsamic Vinegar

"We bought this product at the Elephant Garlic Festival and love it (and the white vinegar too). It is thicker and sweeter than others and great for Caprice salad. I am ordering some more! Highly recommend it!"

Lor - Canby, Oregon



"REAL balsamic vinegar like it should be. It's the only one I use now. "

Sabine - Hillsboro, Oregon



"I always enjoyed the balsamic taste, so when I was at a little summer fair in Logan, UT, I had to try it. It blew my mind. The taste and texture were far beyond anything I expected or had ever tried in my life. It is definitely something I\'m going to buy forever, and recommend to everyone I know!!"

Ev - Salt Lake City, UT



"I thought I loved balsamic vinegar. Then I bought this little 6oz bottle at a farmer\\\'s market. I didn\\\'t even know these flavors were possible straight out of the bottle. The flavors and consistency are amazing. I have used this so sparingly because I didn\\\'t want to run out. I still have a tiny bit, but I had to order more online. This and the garlic olive oil and some good bread is a great app before dinner. Don\\\'t even get me started on salad dressing or a glaze for chicken or fish with these items!"

Tencious_T - Lake Stevens, WA


Absolutely the best balsamic

"Thick, rich, flavorful. Hard to stop once you start tasting it. We bought the small bottle at a local street fair. I\\\'m kicking myself for not buying several of the larger bottles."

Bbforstr - Pinehurst, Idaho


Best Balsamic

"Try only once and you are going to buy until you die. See ya in June"

Behnke - Sandy Oregon


Wow Wow Wow

"Forget everything you think you know about Balsamic vinegar, because this is unlike anything you have ever tried. No pungent smell, no pickled zing, just rich malty flavor. Hard to describe. But if you can brush it on chicken like BBQ sauce, you get an idea. "

Mattheus - Hillsboro, Oregon


Best Flavor, Great Price for Good Balsamic

"OK, this puts everything else I've tried to shame. It's hard to believe this is the real stuff at such a great price. A must-have!!"

Leah - Salem, OR


The best Balsamic ANYWHERE

"I tried this product years ago at a sportsmans show in Oregon and I have YET to find anything comparable! I love the thickness and deep flavor and can't wait to order my next bottle!"

Roberta - Powell Butte OR



"This stuff is to die for, our new favorite. Perfect with olive oil and shredded parmigiano/reggiano cheese for bread dipping."

Jeremy - WA


Nectar of the Gods

"Tried several different infused vinegars at the Juan De Fuca Festival of the Arts over the weekend and was very impressed! My wife(who can't stand Balsamic) loved it!"

ChefboyRV - Sidney, BC, Canada



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